About Kevin

I am a full-stack developer with 15 years of professional experience who builds applications and interfaces that meet business and design needs.

I currently reside in Columbus, Ohio

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This site

The base for this site was cloned from Google's Web Starter Kit. I removed the material design css framework and replaced it with SassMQ for bare bones breakpoint managment.

I experimented with anime.js on many of the animations and transitions.

Project data is stored in an API built with Feathers.js and connected to via websockets.

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Adam Weis

// Director of Product at Rocket Code

Kevin is a problem solver. When faced with any issue, he takes a pragmatic approach to resolving it using all of the tools at his disposal. His solid base of technical knowledge and drive to create awesome work will make him an invaluable asset to any team.

Carrie Curtner

// Quality Control Specialist, Fahlgren Mortine and inVentiv Communications

I've worked with Kevin for over 4 years, and there's no one I'd rather work on a project with. He's a highly skilled developer who is confident without having a chip on his shoulder. That sounds like a small thing, but if you're 70 hours into an 80 hour week and up against a deadline, there's nothing more valuable than a level headed developer with Kevin's depth of knowledge whose primary motivation is to deliver the best product possible and not serve his own ego. Kevin is a team player and a great mentor to the less seasoned members of our development team. Likewise, he's always willing to take time to explain complicated concepts in a way that's understandable to folks on our full project teams (account services, project management, etc.) who have no development background. I've worked at a handful of companies in our industry, and "Can we get Kevin Dutton?" is one of the first things I say to anyone in a position to bring him on board.

Jay Karr

// VP Technology Director at inVentivHealth

Kevin is one of the best developers I've had the opportunity to work with. Without question, the most dedicated. And an all around awesome person, too. As tech director in the Creative Studio and a focus on front-end web technology (though in practice more than capable of digging into anything/everything), Kevin is very hands-on lead for projects and the web discipline. He earned the respect of clients, peers and team members and always found solutions that balanced needs of the user with the appropriate approach. Any team would be lucky have him.

Jan Dennison

// Ecommerce Developer at ELOQUII

As the Technical Director of our team, Kevin created a work environment that was focused on creating interesting products and a comfortable team atmosphere. I had the opportunity to work with him as a developer on numerous projects. Kevin brought more to his role than just excellent management. He acted as a mentor to team members, served as a role model for coding practices, and inspired the other developers with his passion for learning and trying new approaches to solve problems. His ability to recall technical details and code implementations for even old projects never failed to impress me, and made Kevin a knowledge cornerstone for all of our projects. As a mentor, Kevin listens to everyone on the team and makes their efforts feel valued. His rare mix of boundless productivity and consideration of all team members sets a great example, earning my highest respect. I would happily work on any of Kevin's teams in the future.

Ken Corbett

// Senior Web Developer at GSW

Kevin Dutton is an extremely talented developer who will be a huge asset to any company that is lucky enough to employ him. He is one of the most talented all around developers I have ever known. What makes Kevin so great? He is a true full stack developer who is completely comfortable with all stages of development. His strongest talents are in front end development where he is an honest to goodness front end master, but he is quick to jump in on any project. But the best thing about Kevin is how he makes everyone around him better. The teams he works with are more productive and the people around him are growing and learning. He is someone you can trust and depend on, even when the problems arise. He is one of those developers who will be there when you need him doing whatever is necessary to get the job done on time. It has been an honor to work with Kevin and I really could not recommend him higher.


Superman Award

Recognized with the Superman Award for overall embodiment of company values and someone who keeps things on track, rolls up sleeves when necessary, and goes to battle for the good of the team.

Selected Work

Pharmaceutical industry legal requirements necessitate that I keep work out of the public domain. Please request a password (hello@kevindutton.com) to view selected work samples:


Interests Outside of Work

I believe time away from the screen is important and beneficial. I attempt to find a balance by taking my family on outdoor excursions:

Mountain Biking

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